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Patient Billing

  • At the beginning of each month, we issue statements of your account showing account activity for the previous month. The statement shows your dates of service (DOS), the amount you have paid, the amount your insurance or third party payer has paid, the amount pending claims processing, the amount not allowed due to contractual agreements, and your patient responsibility amount. (See Patient Billing PDF for more information.)

    Patient balance is due within 10 days after you've received your statement and/or no later than the 25th of the month. Your balance will reflect the portion of your bill that the patient is financially responsible for paying. When your insurance company has processed the claim for your treatment, we are notified through an explanation of benefits (EOB) about the portion of the claim that will be either paid by insurance or will not be paid for by insurance because it is part of your deductible or part of your co-insurance responsibility. Any balance not paid for by your insurance company becomes part of the patient responsibility amount that you will be expected to pay.

    If your treatment dates of service occurred in two different calendar months, your first statement may show only those visits from the first calendar month and your patient responsibility amount for visits during that first month. Please be sure to pay your statement balance due upon receipt of each statement.

    You will receive a statement whenever your account has balance due.

    Our Patient Account Representatives can assist you if you have any questions about services, charges, or payments. If you have questions about your patient statement, would like to discuss payment options, or need to speak to a Patient Account Representative, please call (855) 716-6412.

    We accept the following forms of payment:
    MasterCard, Visa, Discover, CareCredit, debit cards, checks, and money orders.

    Save time and postage with one of these options:

    By Phone: Just call (855) 716-6412 with your credit/debit card account information and an Account Representative will be happy to assist you.

    By Fax: Complete the form of payment box at the top of your statement with: (1) your card information, (2) amount of your payment, and (3) write your signature in the appropriate box. Then fax your statement to (270) 234-0828.