Amputee Rehabilitation

  • What Do We Offer?

    Physical therapy rehabilitation for lower extremity amputations including:

    • Gait training
    • Balance training
    • Mirror therapy for phantom limb pain
    • Education and proper demonstration on how to don and doff the prosthesis
    • Home exercise programs to improve flexibility, strength, balance and walking ability
    • The motivation and confidence you need to get your life back!

    What Will a Typical Session Consist Of?

    A typical session of physical therapy will last approximately one hour and focus on meeting your specific needs and goals with where you are in your rehabilitation process. Whether that be learning how to properly put on and take off your prosthesis, or even how to run or hike again, if that be your goal! We will meet you where you are and give you the tools you need to get you to where you want to be!


    Amputee Rehab is offered at the following locations:

    LocationAddressCity, StatePhone
    Audubon3 Audubon Plaza Dr, Suite 112Louisville, KY(502) 636-7261
    Bardstown875 Pennsylvania AveBardstown, KY(502) 349-6961
    Bryan Station1650 Bryan Station Rd, Suite 122Lexington, KY(859) 293-6133
    Frankfort 111 Westridge DriveFrankfort, KY   (502) 227-3186
    Lawrenceburg1055 Corporate DrLawrenceburg, KY(502) 517-0187
    Richmond5006 Atwood Dr, Suite 2Richmond, KY(859) 623-2057
    Tyler Center12613 Taylorsville Rd, Suite 118Louisville, KY(502) 267-1982

    Patient Testimonial - Michael Cook

    KORT Richmond patient Mike Cook on his one-year anniversary of sustaining a right-below-knee amputation from a work injury! Mike went from being in a wheelchair to now returning to driving, walking up and down stairs carrying weights and working out daily. Amazing what a year can do with collaboration and motivation of wonderful physical therapists, as well as prosthetists at Kenney Orthopedics.