Cancer Rehabilitation

  • Key Information

    • Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation can take a great toll on the body
    • Our goal is to empower patients to take an active role in their survivorship and to attain the best quality of life during and after treatment

    Signs That You May Need Rehab Services

    • Feeling weaker or less flexible
    • Wondering how to prevent Lymphedema
    • Experiencing aches and pains
    • Feeling more tired (cancer related fatigue)
    • Uncertain about how much or how to best exercise
    • Osteoporosis
    • TMJ tightness or pain
    • Wanting to positively affect your blood cell counts during cancer treatment
    • Physical difficulties related neuropathy

    Cancer Related Fatigue

    A persistent sense of tiredness interfering with daily life that is the most common long term side effect of treatment. Your fatigue may make the idea of getting up and moving feel very difficult, but research has shown that those who exercised routinely had 40% to 50% less fatigue and significantly decreased their risk of cancer recurrence.

    Radiation Fibrosis Muscle Weakness

    Radiation therapy causes inflammation and altered tissue remodeling that can cause scar tissue, decreased flexibility, and muscle weakness during the months and years following radiation. Your physical therapist will use skilled manual therapy techniques and provide an effective strengthening and stretching program to treat these side effects. 

    Lymphedema Treatment

    Lymphedema i debilitating condition characterized by progressive swelling.  Lymphedema occurs when the lymphatic system has been impaired and can result from cancer treatment, congenital defects, trauma or surgery.  Lymphedema can also occur after years of damaging swelling from conditions like venous insufficiency and obesity that eventually can impair the lymphatic system. In addition to difficulties with daily functioning, high levels of protein-rich fluid  triggers chronic inflammation, fibrosis and a high risk of infection. The good news is that lymphedema can be effectively managed and treated with physical therapy by providing a massage technique called Manual Lymphatic Drainage, skilled compression bandaging, movement and skin care. KORT has multiple therapists certified to treat lymphedema including:

    • Audrey Stockwell, Clinic Director, PT, DPT, OCS, CLT at KORT Highlands
    • Katherine Graham, PT, DPT, OCS, CLT at KORT Nicholasville
    • Nikki Gee, PT, DPT, CLT at KORT Bardstown
    • Melanie Booker, PT, DPT, CLT, MDT at KORT Bardstown


    Cancer Rehab is offered at the following locations:

    LocationAddressCity, StatePhone
    Bardstown875 Pennsylvania AveBardstown, KY(502) 349-6961
    Beaumont3070 Lakecrest Circle
    Suite 700
    Lexington, KY(859) 296-4080
    Brandenburg815 Hillcrest Dr
    Suite C
    Brandenburg, KY(270) 422-3366
    Bryan Station1650 Bryan Station Rd
    Suite 122
    Lexington, KY(859) 293-6133
    Campbellsville315 E. Broadway
    Suite A
    Campbellsville, KY(270) 469-1076
    Clarksville1730 Williamsburg Dr.
    Suite 3
    Jeffersonville, IN(812) 284-0852
    Downtown210 E. Gray St.
    Suite 807
    Louisville, KY(502) 587-9350

    708 Westport Rd.

    Suite 200

    Elizabethtown, KY(270) 766-1213
    English Station12935 Shelbyville Rd.Louisville, KY(502) 489-5002
    Fern Creek9368 Cedar Center WayLouisville, KY(502) 231-3979
    Georgetown KY101 Eastside Dr.
    Suite D
    Georgetown, KY(502) 867-0111
    Hamburg1792 Alysheba Way
    Suite 140
    Lexington, KY(859) 264-9249
    Highlands2525 Bardstown RdLouisville, KY(502) 459-6307

    703 East Main St.

    Suite 1

    Lebanon, KY(270) 699-9503
    Mt. Washington300 High Point CourtMt. Washington, KY(502) 538-2332
    New Albany3626 Grant Line Rd.
    Suite 105
    New Albany, IN(812) 944-1377
    Nicholasville102 Williams RdNicholasville, KY(859) 881-0333
    OBC9880 Angie's Way
    Suite 100
    Louisville, KY(502) 339-6490
    Owensboro3515 Frederica St.Owensboro, KY(270) 684-7856
    Preston7926 S. Preston Hwy
    Suite 101
    Louisville, KY(502) 964-5404
    Richmond5006 Atwood Drive
    Suite 2
    Richmond, KY(859) 623-2057
    Shively Center4420 Dixie Hwy
    Suite 122
    Louisville, KY(502) 447-2750

    49 Bonnie Blvd.

    Suite 2

    Springfield, KY(859) 336-9901
    Springhurst3584 Springhurst BlvdLouisville, KY(502) 339-4700
    Tates Creek4101 Tates Creek Centre Dr.
    Suite 144
    Lexington, KY(859) 271-2887
    Taylorsville542 Taylorsville Rd.Taylorsville, KY(502) 477-6410

    Patient Testimonial - Thelma Floyd

    KORT Bryan Station patient, Thelma Floyd, was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2015. She had recently been a patient for shoulder pain after experiencing a fall & was extremely pleased with the care & attention she received. So, shortly after receiving her diagnosis & referral for physical therapy she immediately contacted physical therapist Mark Neal to see if he could help her. Mark was able to refer her to physical therapist & cancer rehab specialist Erin Gatewood, PT, DPT. Thelma was relieved that she could continue therapy at a place that made her feel comfortable & at home. Thelma gives credit to Erin for her increased stamina, range of motion, mobility & for genuinely caring about her.

    Patient Testimonial - Bobbie Strong

    Lexington-KORT Bryan Station patient, Bobby Strong, shares how KORT physical therapist & cancer specialist, Erin Gatewood, PT, DPT helped her with pain, education, mobility, and stamina during her cancer & radiation treatments.