Fall Prevention

  • Older Couple BicyclingVision problems, arthritis, depression, multiple medications, difficulty walking or balancing, muscle weakness – all these conditions are associated with an increased risk of falling. Our Fall Prevention Program can reduce the risk of falling and help you avoid the consequences resulting from a fall. We will evaluate and assess your current condition, develop a treatment program designed to strengthen your core and lower extremities while improving your gait and balance, as well as develop a home program tailored to your specific situation. We can also help in the selection of and proper adjustment of assistive devices that are best suited your physiology and condition.

    Who can benefit from this program?

    • Seniors age 65 and over
    • Individuals concerned with falling
    • Those that have experienced falls in the past
    • Those who are physically inactive
    • Those with muscle weakness and limited mobility
    • Those who have difficulty walking, getting up from a chair or remaining steady on their feet
    • Those who complain of dizziness or lightheadedness
    • Individuals with problems with the senses, such as vision or numbness in their feet

    What are the benefits of participating in this program?

    • Better understanding of how to reduce the risks of falls in the home
    • Develop better strength and improve balance
    • Avoid injury and hospitalization

    Fall Prevention Program is offered at ALL KORT CLINICS.