Amputee Rehabilitation

Build skills, maximize independence

KORT’s amputee rehabilitation program helps individuals recovering from upper and lower extremity amputation. We offer pre-prosthetic and prosthetic training, focusing on building skills and helping each patient gain independence. 

Customized care for your unique needs

Approximately 185,000 individuals in the United States experience limb amputation each year, according to the American Amputee Coalition. Often, this leads to a challenging period of physical recovery, complex psychological, emotional and social issues.  

KORT’s highly trained team of physical and occupational therapists understand this and work closely with you to restore strength and confidence and mobility. We are committed to helping you maximize safety and efficiency, decrease pain and lead an independent, active lifestyle.

What to expect 

You will be evaluated by a licensed physical and/or occupational therapist who will develop a personalized care plan to meet your needs. Together, we will establish clear goals and begin treatment to help you heal in a positive, encouraging environment. 

Along the way, we will communicate with your physician, prosthetist and family to ensure seamless, integrated care. 

Treatment may include:

  • Mobility and self-care
  • Pre- and post-operative care
  • Residual limb care 
  • Strengthening and balance activities 
  • Prosthetic gait training
  • Managing phantom sensations/pain
  • Coordination with prosthetist to ensure correct fit
  • Home exercise programs to improve flexibility, strength, balance and ability to walk 
  • Education on skin care, nutrition and wellness issues

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