Dance Program

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    KORT has been the official provider for Louisville Ballet for over 15 years. Our clinicians provide annual pre-season injury screenings for both the professional dancers and ballet school students, and pre-pointe evaluations for dancers in the Louisville Ballet School. Our clinicians are dedicated to keeping performers healthy and provide educational and injury prevention seminars to local dance studios.


    The Performing Arts Team treats dancers with a variety of injuries and of any genre, including:

    • Ballet
    • Pointe
    • Tap
    • Jazz
    • Lyrical/contemporary
    • Musical theater
    • Ballroom
    • Dance team
    • Cheerleading


    Our clinicians have treated performers (dancers, actors, musicians) traveling with Broadway Across America including Book of Mormon, Flashdance, Newsies, Memphis, Sister Act, and Shrek.  


    Program Options 

    Injury Prevention    

    Every performer wants to stay on the stage! Let us help you stay healthy and performing at your best. Dancers, musicians, and actors can visit us pre-season, in season and off season to prepare them for the physical demands of performing. In addition, our clinicians can come to your studio or rehearsal space for a personally-tailored injury prevention seminar.   


    Performance Enhancement  

    Our program includes targeted exercise prescription to take performance to the next level.  Content is all encompassing and is designed to push the limits of the client’s abilities.   



    Pre-pointe Evaluations   

    Dancing en pointe is an advanced skill that requires excellent range of motion, strength and motor control. Our pre-pointe evaluations include the best available evidence to determine if a dancer is ready to begin the physical demands of pointe work. After the evaluation, the dancer will receive recommendations for a personalized exercise program to reduce the risk for injury and optimize performance. Contact us to schedule an evaluation for an individual dancer, or inquire about setting up assessments for an entire class.   


    Evidence-Based Physical Therapy

    Are you injured? Let us help you get back to performing! Our clinicians will provide an evidence-based evaluation and treatment with rehabilitation specifically tailored to the needs of the performer.  We can treat a variety of conditions, including

    •      Low back pain
    •      Neck pain
    •      Nerve entrapments
    •      Snapping hip syndrome
    •      IT band syndrome
    •      Patellofemoral pain syndrome
    •      Sprains (ankle, knee, etc)
    •      Strains (hamstring, quadriceps, hip flexor, etc)
    •      Tendinitis (patellar, Achilles, etc)
    •      Stress fractures
    •      Overuse injuries (shin splints, etc)


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