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    KORT Sports Performance is dedicated to providing our local athletes with programs based on the best and most current research.  Each athlete is thoroughly evaluated to create an exercise prescription to meet their goals.  We pride ourselves on a low volume, high quality business model that best suits the success of our athletes.  From the weekend warrior to the Division 1 athlete and above, the Sports Performance program at KORT has the tools to take athletes to their goals and beyond.


    Program Options

    Post-Injury Return to Sport

    Programming is designed to bridge the gap from injury to safe return to play.  Common injuries include both surgical and nonsurgical, lower extremity and upper extremity. 


    Injury Prevention   

    Every player wants to stay on the field and this program is designed to do just that.  Athletes can enter this program pre-season, in season and off season to prepare them for the physical demands of their sport. 


    Sports Enhancement 

    Program is a targeted exercise prescription to take an athlete’s performance to the next level.  Content is all encompassing for any sport and is designed to push the limits of the client’s abilities. 


    Throwing Athlete Management  

    Our baseball programming covers year round management of the throwing athlete.  Details include all other program options with the specific target to the dynamic motion of throwing.  High speed camera analysis paired with Motus Baseball Chip data assists in the implementation of physical progression into the athlete’s throwing mechanics.   


    Injury Risk Assessment 

    Our one hour assessment is for surgical and nonsurgical clients and can be utilized to assess the overall risk for injury for any sport.  This is a one-time appointment that can be utilized for athletes of all demographics and utilizes the most current return to sport research tools. 



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