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  • POdcast Ep 22
    CLICK HERE to listen to The Best in Rehab: Episode 22: Dance Driven. Teresa Smith goes into detail on identifying dancer's weak areas and strengthening them in order to prevent injury. She also elaborates on how the culture of dance and the physique of dancers have changed.
    Podcast Ep 21
    CLICK HERE to listen to The Best in Rehab: Episode 21: Views on Vestibular. Robin Harrington goes into detail on how the vestibular system works with other systems in the body in order to reach a common goal. Robin discusses the symptoms associated with vertigo and how physical therapy can help. To learn more about vestibular rehabilitation and additional services offered at KORT, connect with us at!
    ep 20
    Oct. 2, 2018 - CLICK HERE to listen to KORT: Best in Rehab Podcast - Episode 20: CEA Takeaways. Hosts Steven Hnat and Chad Garvey welcome KORT New Albany’s Jorden Bishop, PT, DPT. Jorden elaborates on the key takeaways from the CEA program.
    The Best in Rehab podcast hosts, Steven Hnat and Chad Garvey, welcome KORT New Albany’s Jorden Bishop, PT, DPT. Jorden recently completed the Clinical Excellence Academy (CEA), which she elaborates on in this episode. She highlights the key takeaways from the program and how she will now go on to complete KORT’s Residency Program. Jorden hopes to become more efficient at diagnosing, while improving intervention strategies. For more information on KORT’s Residency and CEA programs, connect with…
    Podcast Ep 19
    Sept. 4, 2018 - CLICK HERE to listen to KORT: The Best in Rehab Episode 19: The PSS Perspective with New Albany PSS, Angie Smith. In this episode, Angie recognizes how crucial teamwork is at the clinic and seeking what is best for the patient on a daily basis.
    The Best in Rehab podcast hosts, Steven Hnat and Chad Garvey welcome Angie Smith, KORT New Albany Patient Service Specialist. Angie has been with KORT since 2000, starting her career at KORT Downtown. Angie has been the co-director of billing operations at KORT and touches on changes she has seen in the market and the role of insurance companies, along with acknowledging the importance of professional and personal relationships.
    Mom to Mom

    CLICK HERE to watch WTVQ's Mom to Mom interview Whitney DeNeese, PT, DPT, about Home Therapy!


    KORT has been providing home therapy for a little more than two years and serves those who can’t get out of their homes to come to physical therapy.

    The physical therapists see vestibular patients, patients who have knee, hip and shoulder replacements, spinal surgery or are doing cancer rehabilitation.


    Home therapy is also a good option for the elderly…