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Physical Therapy

KORT is the leading physical therapy service provider in Kentucky. KORT's therapy team works directly with you and your referring physician to create a plan of care that meets your overall goals. Our therapists are dedicated to the communities they serve and to helping you get back to enjoying life. Experience KORT - The Best in Rehab.

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Hand Therapy

The hand...one of our most powerful tools. Recognizing the art and science rehabilitation entailed for the hand and upper limb, KORT's industry-leading hand therapy program was developed with this idea in mind. Our trusted clinical team, with extensive training and expertise, delivers individualized care and important key resources to our patients.

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Sports Medicine

The athlete. The worker. The performing artist. The weekend warrior. KORT's comprehensive and industry-leading Sports Medicine Program was developed to meet the physical demands of everything you do - personally and professionally.

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Work Health

KORT is…Keeping America on the Job! In 2015, approximately 2.9 million U.S. workers experienced work-related injuries. And, more than 34 percent of working Americans suffered ergonomic injuries requiring days away from work. Through the WorkStrategies® Program, we partner with companies and others to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries and reduce the total workers' compensation spend. We can show you how.

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  • Physical Therapy

    Reduce pain, restore function to the body and prevent future injury. Discover the power of physical therapy and get back to what you love doing.


    Physical Therapy
  • Sports Medicine

    Meeting the physical demands of the athlete, the weekend warrior, the performing artist and the industrial athlete.


    Sports Medicine
  • Work Health

    From injury prevention to physical rehabilitation and return-to-work case closure, our WorkStrategies® Program is dedicated to providing solutions for workers’ compensation and disability issues.


    Work Health
  • Hand Therapy

    A specialized approach to an important tool essential for self-care, work and every day activities – the hand.


    Hand Therapy

KORT - Kentucky Orthopedic Rehab Team - Physical Therapy - Physical Therapist

KORT is Kentucky's premier provider of outpatient physical and occupational therapy specializing in orthopedics, sports and industrial medicine. Since 1987, KORT has provided clinical and customer service excellence to patients in our clinics, at employer sites, and with high school, college, and professional sports teams.

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